Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jesus didn't have a Messiah complex.

"In the accounts of Jesus' life, often the larger the crowds get, the more demanding and difficult his teachings get. In John 6 he gives a teaching that is so hard to swallow, everybody but a few leave him. He is constantly trying to find out who really wants it. And so he keeps pushing and prodding and questioning and putting it out there until some leave and the diehards stay. We never find him chasing after someone, trying to convince them that he really wasn't that serious, that it was just figure of speech. He didn't really mean sell your possessions and give to the poor. If anybody didn't have a Messiah complex, it was Jesus.

This is what we are all dying for - something that demands we step up and become better, more focused people. Something that calls out the greatness that we hope is somewhere inside of us." - Rob Bell in Velvet Elvis.

UPDATE: I have to admit, Rob Bell has me rattled more than any author I can think of recently. His book is so full of substance to chew on. Sometimes I find myself cringing at his statements, especially when it comes to doctrine, and other times I hear the bell of truth ringing louder and more pleasantly than usual.

I chose this particular quote because it encourages me to step up. When I read this (present tense) it resonates with my emotions. I am substantially challenged to live an exceptional life. I do want to be challenged. I do hope that I have it in be a diehard.

What about you? Do you really want it?

To be continued...


jeff said...

If you really want to be blown away, see if he's coming near you on tour this summer. Dorsey and I saw him in Philly. His subject was, "Everything is Spiritual".

I met him after, and he said it's being released on DVD later this year.

He's a cool guy!

JimmyBob said...

I'm gonna post about this later (I think), but after reading this book I have become more secure in my ignorance. It's OK not to be sure about every question.

It's really about attitude and outlook. Becoming more honest with myself (and therefore with everyone else). Not pretending to have the answers.

I think I understand Dorsey better now.

You know who I really admire on the blogs? Mrs. Zeke. She's a class act.

Tony Myles said...

Here's where I struggle, though. I've heard Rob say in group settings as well as one-on-one conversations that he has no interest in drawing fundamental lines in the sand (i.e. "Jesus is the only way to God") even if he believes in them. In his words, he doesn't want to just say the buzz words that the fundies want to hear.

So... I struggle with that a bit. Especially in light of this quote.

JimmyBob said...

Tony, I would have a problem too if a guy couldn't claim that Jesus was the only way to God. That's not what I'm reading in Velvet Elvis, however. Sure, he says many things that leave me shocked, but then when he gives illustrations and stories, it's as if he's giving clues to his true feelings. And what I'm gleaning from these undercurrents is that he's not as liberal in his theology as his one liners lead you to believe. He seems to be going for a balance.

Maybe this is because truth can be found on both sides of the aisle. You posted something about this on your site.

I don't think Rob wants to get lumped in with the Fundamentalist crowd. From what I gather, he's more of a free spirit and wants the freedom to rethink rather than ascribe to a party line.

Also, I think he wants to distance himself from the protesters and politically militant elements of Christianity.

I can't say that's a bad thing.

Don't you think that some Christians protest too loudly? Attitude is huge. Maybe the right message is being sent, but the attitude and delivery are so forceful that it turns people off.

Maybe those turned-off people are the kind Rob is after.

But, you know what, you seem like the kind of guy who's interested in the truth. So what if Rob doesn't have it nailed correctly on every count. We can still appreciate him and take away the good of what he's saying. Do you agree?

tiffany said...

My youth paster did the Rob Bell, NOOMA videos a while back I LOVED THEM they are sooooooooooo great!!!!!!!!!