Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm Oliver Brown.

It's been a long while, but I'm finally returning to blogging. I hope you'll welcome me back.

But first, I want you to meet the newest member of our family...

Oliver Brown

Yep, Jenny has a little brother now. You can see him here, munching on some parsley. And just to give you a little perspective on his current size at around 6 weeks old, here's a shot of his mommy holding him.

We picked this little guy up at a yard sale a few weeks ago! For $12.

We were browsing around looking at an old gumball machine and VHS movies, when I spotted the bunny on the bench, lounging like a tiny puppy. It impressed me that he wasn't trying to get away in the front yard or anything. He seemed very tame and so adorable. Of course, my wife and daughter had the same thoughts, only even more. Jenny begged me to buy it, but I thought, "We can't. We don't know anything about rabbits. What if he he's sick?" He was a little dirty with crust around his eyes.

We got back into the car without the bunny and drove off in discussion. We decided that we shouldn't do it for all kinds of reasons and told my daughter our minds were made up. Once we were out on the main road, we turned at the light and headed west in search of other yard sales. Seeing the next sign, I pulled into the development and followed the arrows. It led us right back to the same yard sale.

Okay. So, I got out of my vehicle, leaving the girls behind, and went to ask some more questions. After about 10 minutes I found myself walking back to the car with the bunny in my arms, along with a small bag of pellets to feed him. No cage, nothing else. The girls were so surprised (and happy) that I actually did it. It was very unlike me.

Needless to say, we are enjoying him so much. I've almost got him trained to bring me his toy. Each time I put it near him, he picks it up with his mouth or nudges it back to me. Too cute.

Which leaves me with these thoughts and questions: God loved us so much that he bought us with his blood. He must look upon us with great admiration and delight, desiring to play with us, feed us, train us, and teach us obedience. Are we cooperating? Do we yearn for his affection? Are we trainable?