Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Power of Love & Understanding

I just saw this movie tonight and I had to post about it. What a great illustration of true love. It knows no boundaries and it is quick to forgive.

WARNING! Spoiler coming. What I like particularly is how the King, after hearing the true story of their love, decides to let Tristan & Isolde escape together, even though Isolde was his wife and had been caught with Tristan. Because of his act of mercy and grace, Tristan's heart is moved to stay and fight alongside the King.

Has anyone's kindness to you (when you didn't deserve it) ever softened your heart and made you love them even more in return? It seems to me that there is far too little of this in our "real" world. I hope I can be like that King, full of compassion, wisdom, and understanding.


dorsey said...

This movie's going on my Netflix list, even if you did ruin it for me. hehe

JimmyBob said...

So Dorse, have you watched it yet?

dorsey said...

Not yet. My Netflix list is pretty long. I'll have to move it up in the queue.