Monday, June 12, 2006

Quit Praying To Congress

I had a good day today. Things began this morning when I got to the church. I checked my email and found an e-card from one of my students who had been struggling with anorexia and cutting herself. This past Wednesday I spoke about self-esteem and God showed her how much He loved her. She said she was changed. I felt so good reading that card of appreciation and I thanked God too.

All afternoon I had a chance to study the Bible and write down thoughts. I recommend it highly. You'll feel so much more in tune with the Holy Spirit.

Then, I had the privilege and opportunity to speak to a mixed congregation of young and old people tonight in our service. At the conclusion of my message I had all the young people come forward and stand and pray for each other. I asked the remaining congregation to come behind them and lay hands on them and pray for them. 1 Timothy 4 tells us that young Timothy received the spiritual gift of teaching when the elders of the church laid their hands on him and prophesied.

Then, the Holy Spirit led me to ask the parents of each of the teens to join them and that they should look at each other and lay hands on one another. I led them in prayers of forgiveness toward each other. Tears were flowing down their faces. God was doing a miracle in their lives and making them grow closer. One girl said, "That was so hard. I never saw my dad cry before."

After service, we were invited over to a friend's house for some food and conversation. It was during this talk with a man I respect and admire, that I was truly challenged in my thoughts concerning prayer.

We were discussing evangelicals and politics and we both were voicing our dissatisfaction with the way the church has been given a bad name by some of the big names. Somewhere along the way he throws out this statement:

"I wish Christians would quit praying to congress."

I had to think about it until the light came on. What he meant was that Christians, mainly evangelicals, have mistakenly made gods out of congressman. They get contributions (offerings), lobby for appointments with the congressman, praise them and take them to dinner, and try to get them to meet their requests. Sounds like prayer to me.

He believes that those Christians will never get their way until they pray to God to change hearts. They should quit praying to congress. God doesn't like that.


DCMetalJr said...

I think we shouldn't be terribly surprised when the world acts wordly. I also believe that the US is now quite worldly. I'll contribute to our civic responsibilities by voting. I'll also read and stay as informed as any and more informed than many about our current political circumstances.

I do not, however, believe that things will get better in the USA. And I don't think that the "world" has gotten better ever. We are talking about a nation that makes it legal for individuals to kill their unborn babies because they aren't "people" and do not have the same rights as "people", yet, at the same time make it illegal to kill your dog or cat (unless euthanized - people will be next).

The bible tells us that the wisdom of God is foolishness to man. How can we expect the world to understand Godly principles when it is considered foolishness. Our responsibility is to represent Jesus and plant seeds, water and feed seeds, and then sow the harvest (wherever you may be at the time in someone's life).

dorsey said...

"...we shouldn't be terribly surprised when the world acts wordly"

That's exactly correct. The question I can't answer is one that a friend posed to me 6 months ago: Why does the church expect--even demand-- that people who do not profess Christ hold to a Christian moral code?

The ten commandments never saved anyone. Neither will banning abortion or outlawing gay marriage or fighting the war on drugs. I wonder if our preoccupation with those things is related to the mentality that prolonged the Crusades. Wiping out evil in the world is no substitute for addressing the evil in ourselves.

Lori said...

Hey Dorsey

Wiping out evil in the world is no substitute for addressing the evil in ourselves.

Wow that rattles the old man.. ha ha...

Good one....

In Him

shelly said...

I wonder if our preoccupation with those things is related to the mentality that prolonged the Crusades. Wiping out evil in the world is no substitute for addressing the evil in ourselves.

Very good point.

JimmyBob said...

Hey everyone! I just got back from an awesome week of youth camp. I'll be posting something soon, maybe. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't ruin my blessings by putting them up here. Know what I mean?

Can you imagine if we all just started praying that God would change hearts and then went out into the world with the message of His love?

Sometimes we loose sight of the fact that God is powerful and His love transforming. We think we can make a difference on our own, with our votes and politics.

That's not to say that I'll stop voting, but to say that I need to pray more, love more.

Parental Guidance Required said...

Hey, came across your blog through Archer and "Jekk"'s sites.

Anyway this title really caught my attention, and the comments here reflect a lot of my thinking over the last 20 years or so.

I'll never forget how the evangelical community was so pleased the George HW Bush was elected in 1988, presumably to carry on the "Reagan" years. And, I'll never forge how disappointed we were when George HW didn't fulfill our "Christian nation" dreams.

It was then that God showed me that I was putting way too much stock in our government and not trusting HIM and turning to Him for the answers to "things that bug me".

This is a message that followers of Christ need to take seriously.

JimmyBob said...

Parental Guidance Required - Thanks for stopping by! I am now just reading your comment. Not sure when you left it, but thanks for doing so.

Come back again. Would like to hear from you...especially since you're friends with Jekk and Archer. What a great couple! I was Jekk's youth pastor when he was growing up.