Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Picture Zoom Game III

OBJECT OF THE GAME: Be the first blogger to guess who this is a picture of.

RULES: You may only guess once, but you may speculate or comment anytime. Your guess will only count when you have clearly stated "My guess is..." The winner will be declared to be "The Most Excellent Recognizer" of 2008. God's speed to all.


dorsey said...


JimmyBob said...

As they say at Staples, "That was easy."

Maybe I should retire the Picture Zoom Game or just make it ridiculously hard.

Dorsey, the Most Excellent Recognizer of 2008. Congratulations!

On a side note, my word verification word right now is "porksi." Maybe I should get off the computer and go exercise or something.

sandytrif said...

That was my guess too. but that quick dorsey beat me to it.

O.Biriu said...

e ai cara tudo bem?