Thursday, November 02, 2006

An Amazing Day

Tuesday was an amazing day. I would have blogged about it, but I was exhausted.

Have you ever had one of those days?

I started the day off meeting a couple of youth pastor friends of mine to shoot a Pre-Show video for a 3,000 student Youth Convention coming up next weekend. This was no ordinary shoot. I arranged for us to do it at Quantum Helicopters, owned by our High School Sunday School teacher and youth group security team member.

We told him our script... We needed to get to Youth Convention fast for the Pre-Show. I would arrive in the helicopter, pick up my sidekick, and fly across the valley to Phoenix First Assembly of God, where the convention was being held. During the trip we would fly over landmarks that the kids would recognize such as Castles and Coasters, the Metro Center Mall, and of course Sky Harbor airport and the downtown. When we arrived we would jump out, I would fall, and then my friend would help me walk until I regained my composure. Then, we would sprint for the doors. (When we show the video live we are going to run out onto the stage as if we are actually arriving).

So, he took us up in an R44 Raven II and we got the shots we needed and more. He was so gracious and accommodating that he even removed the doors on one side of the chopper - my side! It was so much fun. The only times I was truly scared was when I forgot that we were going 120 mph and I stuck my hand out to point to something interesting. The wind nearly took it off. After the 4th time making that mistake I finally learned my lesson. And then there was that shot he set up of Phoenix First Assembly. He tilted the aircraft and we flew sideways straight toward the building. I was holding the camera and I felt that if we tilted any further I would fall right out.

We finished after about 2 hours and then thanked him emphatically. He did all that for FREE!

After that I spent my day setting up and preparing for our annual "Light In The Night" celebration at our church. The event went from 6-8pm and ended with a great Trunk-or-Treat time. That's where all the kids go through the parking lot and people hand them candy out of their trunks. Gosh, they got a ton of candy!

We had 4 huge inflatables including a Finding Nemo bounce house, a 4 person Jousting arena, a 15 foot Rainbow Slide, and a long Obstacle Course. We also had many other games and activities for kids to do with prizes and candy at every station. There was a Cake Walk, a Costume Contest, a free photo shoot, and free food!!! That's right, we gave away hot dogs, popcorn, and bottled water. It went very smooth and everyone had a great time. I would say there was at least 300-400 people there. That's pretty good for us I have to say.

I was so tired by the end of clean up that my feet were aching and my leg muscles tightening. Thank God for all the wonderful people who stayed to serve and help. I won't soon forget what they did and how they went above and beyond. The whole day will be etched into my memory as one of the greatest work days on planet earth.

What day has been etched into your memory forever?


ruthrap said...

you sure are a busy guy, Jimmybob! sounds like you really enjoy your work! My birthday party last saturday was a really good memory! glad to see you had time to post somethin'!

xt4jfriend said...

One day in my memory was a monday in June, which was the day before I began my journey to move to Arizona. That morning I went to the church to set up for my graduation party. We spent the afternoon time hanging out there. It was a lot of fun! After the party we had people meet at our house and everyone helped us load our moving truck. Talk about team work... we had that truck loaded in an hour and a half! Finally my friends and I decided to go see a movie. We weren't sure if there would be enough room in the cars. So, against my friends will I took off my flip-flops and ran barefoot a mile to the movie theater. After the movie we said our good byes. Then I went home to clean the house by sweeping, dusting, ect. I didn't go to bed until 2 a.m..

JimmyBob said...

Ruthrap, I tried posting something to your site yesterday and now this morning, but I get an error message saying blogger is working on it. I tried logging in with both of my profiles, but to no avail. So, here is what I wrote to you...

Ruthrap, you are so prolific in your blogging. I bet you run circles around people half your age! Keep up the energy, it's enjoyable...and hey, I'm trying to get less busy so that I can write more. Say a prayer for me...please.

ruthrap said...

I don't know what's up with blogger. I had a small problem posting this morning but finally got it to publish, I had comment moderation enabled by mistake and took it off so you should be able to comment now. btw, thanks for the compliment! never been referred to as "prolific"..but some would probably say I'm a bit too prolific! have a good day!

sandytrif said...

Wow! There are too many days that are etched in my memory. Some good others not.
I was waiting on posting because yesterday was Luke and Hope's finals in soccer. It was a great day with the Boy's team winning first place and the Girls's team winning second place after 2 halves of sudden death and then shoot outs. The girls should have won~they really outplayed the other team. Luke was picked to be an all star which is really great. Wish you were here to see them play!
Other days~wedding, Rebekah's birth, Joy's birth, Luke's birth and Hope's which was 16 years ago on Thurday!! Hearing you have cancer~fighting that battle and finally hearing "You are well enough that I am going to have you see my associate" from my doc.
Seeing my grandbaby Noah (he almost walked into my arms today!!) Anticipating the birth of becky and Matt's second baby (a girl in January!!)
Best day~When dave greco was preaching on a Sunday night back in 78 and the Lord got a hold of my life!!
Glad your day was so great!!

xt4jfriend said...

Your "best day" really sounds like the best day. Isn't God awesome!

ruthrap said...

hey there, BusyBob, that's your new name! hope you get some time to post on your blog! just kiddin' have a good day!