Monday, November 27, 2006

Turning Over A New Leaf

Hey everyone, it's me...BusyBob. I've decided to change things up a bit, again. Lately I have been doing so many things my attention is all over the place. I've enjoyed it, but I miss writing and conversing here. Oh, I've done a little here and there with MySpace and other posting to other people's blogs, but I haven't given JimmyBob's Place much attention.

So, I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm gonna start posting more often. Any advice?

When I sit down I usually have an idea of what I'm going to write. Then, I try and find a picture to go with it. But, sometimes it's awhile before any new ideas come to me. So, I post nothing. But, I've decided that I'm gonna treat this like brainstorming. So, if weird stuff starts appearing, just know that it's only my brain spilling out random thoughts. I find brainstorming to be a useful tool. Among all the dumb thoughts emerges a great one, once-in-awhile.

So, bring on the advice. How do you get out of slumps?


Tim said...

I think after a while blogging becomes a mentality. When I first started I'd write something weird like every other week or so, but now I have so many blog drafts lined up it's ridiculous. I just think of random stuff during the day and think, "Oh, I'll blog that." Even conversations I have with students I'll tell them, "Hey, that's a good thought. Do you mind if I blog that?" No one ever says no. :-)

Jason said...

You could hit up some of the highlights from those favorite books of yours. [House...hmm (really?)] That might be cool...

JimmyBob said...

Jason? You've got to be Kiefer because now I get this Mac password popup each time I try to view your comments or user pic. Am I right?

Jason said...

Yeah, it's true. Though, I didn't know about the picture thing...I made it disappear for the time being. Nothing earth-shattering over there on the least not yet.

xt4jfriend said...

You could open your bible to a random location, try to figure out what one or more things God might be trying to tell us there, and then think about how it applies to anyones life, including your own.

Have you ever thought about something and knew it correlated with something you've said or written before? I have. Keep track of those random thoughts.

Pic a specific area of your life and begin to pray about it, and for it. Something new may come to light.

Maybe you could find a picture first, and then write about it instead of finding the picture later. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Books, songs, other people's blogs or comments, a common phrase....the bible is the best place to find ideas and get a clear mind.

ruthrap said...

I think Tim is right about blogging becoming a mentality. I don't even know where my inspiration comes from for mine...I just sit down and start from out of nowhere with not a whole lot of forethought! you can probably tell because i tend to ramble and bounce from one subject to another, but, to me, that's what makes it interesting. I like the informality of blogging and I believe it bares our true feelings and personalities, I never draft anything...I write it and publish it and do nothing but correct some typo's, certainly nothing eloquent,
just what I'm thinkin'

sandytrif said...

Since I am not a blogger I don't have to worry about thinking about anything new to write just posting.
How do I get out of the slumps?? I am always to busy to be in a slump. But I guess I try to find some other avenue for inspiration.