Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I need a new computer and I hate Internet Explorer.

I was just fishing up posting something new when all of sudden Internet Explorer encountered a problem and shut down. Aghhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm so mad.

To insure that this never happens again (it wasn't the first time) I am going to start creating posts in a different program and then just paste them here. That would help.

On top of that, my computer slows down tremendously when my Anti-Virus protection is on. It's also getting pretty full. My drives aren't that big to begin with and each time there's an update or whatever, it eats up more precious space.

Can anyone relate?

When I have the patience and time to come back, I'll try again. It was a post about compassion. Don't you think I should be in a patient and understanding mood when I write about that?


sandytrif said...

Pastor James,
Had tons of computer problems over this past summer. Finally went with the DSL rather than the dialup. What a headach reliever. Talked to India more times than I wanted. Got a virus downloading the Norton Antivirus~then was told I could not download it with dial up~~DAH!
Any way praying you get it all straightened out~remember Patience is a virtue.
Merry Christmas

dorsey said...

I hate to be the condescending jerk here, but a PC user complaining about Microsoft products is sort of like bathing in Tabasco and complaining that it burns.

Get a Mac.

ruthrap said...

Not necessarily, I have had that happen to me and I'm am so dad-blamed stubborn..I will not give up and I start all over again..may not be as magnificent (ha ha) as the original..but I will not be foiled by mechanics! also, your carrier can be the problem too..we have broadband and they went through a whole lot of junk last spring..but seems to be working okay now..I just don't want to brag on it too much!!

Tim said...

Dude, download Firefox and go with that instead of Internet Explorer. I avoid IE at all costs.

JimmyBob said...

I used to have an iMac laptop and encountered worse technical problems than this. Instead of a window or program freezing up, the whole stinking computer would lock up and the only way to fix it was to hit the reset button. And the processor was very loud. I complained to Jason about it, if he remembers. Also, I found myself using Virtual PC more than I did the Mac programs.

So, this might have something to do with the user. Ahem. And it might just be my equipment is a few years old and in desparate need of space and memory.

Now, Firefox sounds interesting. This isn't the first time someone has suggested it. In fact, every Firefox user I have heard from talks just like a Mac user. They are both extremely satisfied and religiously devoted to their product.

I will need to investigate further about how to download, install, and update Firefox. Then, I'll have figure out how to get rid of IE and make sure everything is set up properly with Microsoft Outlook, etc., so I can still get email or whatever.

Merry Christmas to you all too!

dorsey said...

If you're not going to get a Mac, Firefox is a step in the right direction.

Have you seen Open Office? It's essentially an open source version of Microsoft Office. It's free, and does everything Office does, only better.

Happy new year, man.

Jason said...


Get one with iWork pre-installed. (though open office is an idea too)
(PS, Apple support speaks English, and they don't charge you extra for it...)

Good luck in the Tabasco pond.

Jason said...

Yeah...I remember those laptop problems...that was a long time ago...and was pretty strange.

Since then, if anyone's seen anything Microsoft's done...in...the past 2 years, it's a direct copy of Apple's stuff. Many bugs are pretty well worked out.

So don't laugh too hard when you see what Vista looks like. the problem is that they even had to boost up the required computer specifications just for it to work!

So yeah...see above post.

Jason said...

Computer working any better?

xt4jfriend said...

My last school used Mozilla Firefox, and used Open Office. Someone mentioned Open Office: I liked Open Office so much and didn't want to purchase or illegally download a free copy Microsoft, so I now use Open Office on my computer. I haven't had any problems with that program.

Perhaps it's just how God talks to me sometimes, but.... If I had problems when posting something I would begin to ask God why He didn't want me to post that at that time. Many times I find out later why there was a "divine delay" in my life. Perhaps a little event has yet to happen in someone's life that will cause them to really get something out of what you were going to post. Just a thought...

shelly said...

What Tim said. GET FIREFOX!

~ one of those nutty, hopelessly devoted Firefox users (for a very long time)

Jason said...

jimmybob....you there?

xt4jfriend said...

You must really need a new computer and hate Internet Explorer if you haven't been on this long. Just Kidding! I know you are busy. See you Sunday!